This ancient and ornate Warhammer is said to have been used by the Nobilis Ivarager to forge the world itself, the mountain Vesuvious, even the first Dwarves. Its head is emblazoned with two runes, one on each side, marking it as a tool of creation and of rulership. The Hammer was kept by the Dwarves all through their golden age, before the fall of their ancient civilization, and was said to have been the key for many Dwarven innovations blending the forge and magic to fabricate all sorts of wonderous creations which have not been seen since the Hammer was lost. It’s current incarnation appears to have been dulled by ages of ill use, but gives indications that its might be reawakened, to the mighty tool it once was.

Vek: Aspect of Ruling.

Property: As a minor action, the Hammer gains the Heavy Thrown property until the end of the wielder’s turn. Its range is 5/10.
Property: Using Vek’Huros, you gain the Enchant Magic Item ritual, usable 1/week.
Power (Daily): Absolute Rule: Free Action. Trigger: You use this weapon to hit an enemy that has an aura. Effect: The enemy’s aura ends, and the enemy can’t reactivate it (save ends).
Power (Daily): Majesty: “Holding Vek’Huros high, you command a foe to kneel at your behest.”
Dally + Psionic, Implement
Standard Action Close burst 5
Target: One creature in burst
Attack: PAM vs. Will
Special: Vek’Huros must act as the implement for this power. Using this power does not count as using a magic item daily power, and does not prevent from using the other daily power of Vek’Huros.
Hit: 1d10 + PAM damage, slide the target 3 squares, and the target is knocked prone.
Effect: Target is marked by yourself or any willing ally within burst.

Goals: To rule unchallenged over civilized folk. Accept no slight against you, your family, companions, or your kin. Harbor great wealth and favor among your kinfolk.

Concordance: Start: 5
Owner gains a level: 5 + 1d4
Owner defeats a rival (physically, socially, or politically): +1 (max 1/day)
Owner has fealty sworn to him of a powerful underling: +2 (max 1/day)
Owner wears 2,500gp value mundane jewelry or other fine adornments (bonus is lost if removed): +1 (max +5 total)
Owner fails to create a new magic item for more than 1 week: -2 (1/week)
Owner allows an insult or other slight of honor to pass without reconciliation: -1 (no limit)

Pleased (16-20): “Our reign is one which shall never be forgotten – and never be equalled.”
The enhancement bonus of Vek’Huros becomes +3.
The Hammer’s Majesty power (above) no longer knocks the target prone. Instead, it makes a basic attack against a creature of the player’s choice after being slid, and is Dominated to the end of its next turn. The Effect line (mark) becomes an Aftereffect of this Dominate effect.

Satisfied (12-15): “Our heart is noble and our manner kingly. To stand against us; folly.”
Property: Gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy and Intimidate.
Power (Encounter): Swift Obedience: Minor action. Adjacent enemy is stunned until the end of your current turn. Usable only your your turn.

Normal (5-11): “Our right, and our duty, is to rule.”

Unsatisfied (1-4): “A leader in doubt is no leader at all”
Special: Allies within 20 squares of you take a -2 penalty to Insight, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks.

Angered (0, lower): “You are but rabble, unfit for glory, legend, and least of all command.”


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