This shield was created by the Dwarves in their Golden Age and is emblazoned with a single dwarf rune for ‘Solidarity’. Solidarity has been passed down through the generations, maintaining and re-forging the bonds of Brotherhood among all good mortal people. This magical shield is the sole survivor of the Orc raid that destroyed one of the last Dwarven settlements on Mount Vesuvian. It’s goals are to…
  • Ensure peace and prosperity amongst the Light Races of the Realm.
  • Mend troubled relations amongst those of good heart through uncommon acts of Valor.
  • Defend the downtrodden of the world to your dying breath.

Solidarity’s Stat Bloc

Property: You and all adjacent allies gain a +1 power bonus to AC, as long as one or more allies are adjacent to you. Property: You gain a +2 item bonus to saving throws. Property: You gain a +2 item bonus to Diplomacy checks.

Power (At-Will): Minor Action, Change the shield to Light or Heavy. Power (Encounter): Lead by Example Minor Action, You can spend a healing surge. Power (Encounter): Strenght of Stone Standard Action, as per the Warder At-Will power.

Concordance Starts at 5

Owner gains a level +1d4+5 Owner is bloodied while fighting alongside a member of another race +1 (max once per encounter). Owner successfully gains the favor of an influential member of another race +2 (max once per day). Owner falls to 0 HP or fewer while defending a creature of lower level +2 (max once per day).

Owner or an ally kills a member of a Light Race -1 (max once per encounter). Owner’s ally falls to 0 hp or fewer while more than 1 square away -2 (max once per encounter).

Pleased (16-20): “As no foe can break our lines, none shall break our Brotherhood!” The bonus to owner and adjacent allies increases to +2. Power (Daily): Minor Action, All adjacent allies may spend a healing surge.

Satisfied (12-15): “I know who my friends are, and they know my valor.” The bonus to Diplomacy increases to +5 Power (Daily): Free Action,Trigger- An ally falls to 0 HP or fewer. Gain 1 Action Point that must be used before the end of your next turn; this counts as your Action Point for the Encounter. (Even if you have already spent an Action Point).

Normal (5-11): “Let us stand Valiant with al good people of the Realms.”

Unsatisfied (1-4): “I am relied upon in dire times. Will I not stand fast?” -2 AC unless an ally is within 1 square.

Angered (0 or lower): “Our bonds of fellowship lie tattered on the spears of our foes.” +2 Bonus to Saving Throws is suppressed. Lose 1 healing sure each time an ally is bloodied or reduced to 0 HP or fewer.


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