Marsellus Wallace

Rogue and Jeweler


Player: BJ
Class: Rogue
Weapon of Choice: War Hammer
Height: 4ft 8in
Weight: 180lbs
Skin Tone: Deep brown
Hairstyle: Bald head, well trimmed and kept beard.


Marsellus calls the caverns his home, hailing from the Jeweling Clan Wallace he has a deep love for the mountains. Marsellus is an business man, ever in search for the opportunity to profit and bring honor to Clan Wallace. This dwarf’s demeanor is one of a strategist, calculating and cold in battle, but quick to have a hearty laugh with his companions, loyalty and friendship are the only two things he holds over profit. “Loyalty is necessary to conduct good business, and you never cut out your friends because they will be there for you when the chips are down.” Wealth however is a thing of honor, and Marsellus intends to amass wealth and invest in diamond mines and to find the great veins of fine metal that run throughout the mountain’s roots.

Marsellus’ journey with the party began in the heat of battle, he and several other dwarves and goliath’s began the fight against the invading orc and ogre army. He fought hard darting in and out striking the enemy with well placed blows from his deadly warhammer. As reinforcements filled in against Marsellus and his new found allied they retreated into the city under seige. There they held up and managed to sneak out over 50 of the survivors. The party is now it seems making it’s way into the mountain in search of the forge.

Marsellus has developed a budding friendship with the Goliath named Vimak, something about this barbarian makes Marsellus trust him as a person of like heart. Marsellus also sees the paladin Connol as a friendly rival, and considers much of their interaction in a highly competitive manner. Truth be the rogue cannot see eye to eye with the morals of Connol, however he does respect the Paladin’s bravery especially on the battlefield. He considers the runepriest Kharnon with curiosity, really not understanding what the dwarf stands for, but something deep in him may hope his encounters with priest may help make him a better person, maybe even make up for past mistakes…

Marsellus Wallace

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