Connal Ironarm

Dwarf Strength Paladin multi-class Warlord


His name is Conall Ironarm. He is the lone survivor of an orc attack on his clan’s stronghold. A wandering knight (my paladin teacher) found me and raised me; teaching me about honor and respect. His knightly order, the Order of the Scarlet Shield, gave me my equipment and I set off to find out about my clan and bring hope to the downtrodden peoples of the world.

The Order of the Scarlet Shield

A Knightly Order started 40 years ago by Kestin Swan, the sole surviving member of the Order of the Silver Shield. His original Knightly order had been destroyed while defending a town from a marauding band of fire giants, his master’s final words were to carry on the Order. Kestin went on a 10 years pilgrimage to recruit holy warriors and priests to his new Knightly Order (KO); once he had assembled 10 knights and 10 priests they went to Atris to get the final blessing of the Emperor. Since this humble origin, the Order of the Scarlet Shield (named after Kestin’s master’s bloody shield, a Order relic) has been active in war torn regions; sheltering refugees, protecting pilgrims, and turing back the tide of evil whenever it encroaches on the light of peace and civilization.

Connal Ironarm

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