Dwarves of Vesuvious

Uncommon Proposals

Sighting the blue dragon having landed high upon the mountain, our heroes make a trek far outside of the region patrolled by camp Solidarity’s patrols to confront the beast, as well as gather reconnaissance on the enemy. While travelling, a goblin claiming to be chieftain came forward with a proposition: Leave the goblins be, and they will assist to drive the Orcs from Vesuvious. Although the terms were hazy at best, the “chieftain” left satisfied and ready to assist the Dwarven parties to enter the mountain.

The blue dragon Regniksenvril did not prove nearly as amiable. Speaking in vague allusion and demanding respect while none was given, the dragon finally made it clear that the ancient weapon of the Dwarves was his purpose here. Calling it a “weapon of unmaking” and claiming it to be the key to armageddon, Regnik insisted that it be bestowed into his trust once recovered. Seeing that even this powerful dragon was unfit for such a relic, some of the party turned, but not before some of the creatures words could be considered.

Returning to camp, signs of heavy orcish movement were observed, and a single party was encountered and driven away. They appeared to be massing to the northwest, but the exact location was not pinpointed.



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