Dwarves of Vesuvious

Tracking Corruption

The root of betrayal in Balesmeet begins to show...

The defenses of Balesmeet have been evaluated and recommendations for improvement given. The word has begun to spread on the streets that a war is coming, and any able bodies are needed to stand in the city’s defense. Still, many common people of Balesmeet are overshadowed by fear and hatred. Rumors fly of the murdered noblewomen, Faula Goldfield – and the Dwarves that were involved. It has also become suspected that a Doppelganger is active within the city, and may be related to the domestic troubles of late. Such a being could easily sabotage many defenses of the city, and would also be nearly impossible to track.

From Goldfield’s estate, and the demonic servants kept in her basement, our heroes are given the location of where a cult has been operating. It is believed that this cult may be supplying clan Phanobis with an extremely dangerous, tar-like reagent they call Morosi Gel. Largandis Phanobis wishes to know the source of this gel and how it has been coming to Shatterspear Down.



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