Dwarves of Vesuvious

On Honor's Ground

With great shows of courage... the last spark of civilization is preserved.


With Connal emerging leading naught but a sacrificial band of armored criminals from the gates of Balesmeet, he and the best of the Dwarven heroes made a hard fought battle to the heart of the Orc, Goblin, and Giant army – brashly slaying it’s command, and inspiring the guard and rag-tag militia from the Human town to sound the charge.

Though the sacrifice was great, many Dwarven heroes were recovered, and kept in one of the few safe havens left in Balesmeet after the town was taken by betrayal from within, and force from outside. These heroes rose up, leading what would be the final evacuation of the town. Though most survivors chose to take their chances making the weeks of travel to the city of Saint Sinclaire, our heroes instead sought out the last bastion of strength against the greenskins – named camp Solidarity.

In the weeks before their arrival, the houses of the Dwarves have come up with a plan of desperation against their foes. Placing hope in the Legend of the mythical hammer Vek’Huros, parties sponsored by each of the noble houses are set to attempt to recover this artifact, carry it to the heart of Mount Vesuvious, the Firstforge, and smite the very mountain from Enchiridion. Although this horrible act is not agreed upon by all, most notably the group calling themselves Reclamation, each major house agrees to commit to the plan – weather a fool’s errand or a final act of retribution, camp Solidarity cannot hope to stand until reinforcements arrive… if they come at all.



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