Dwarves of Vesuvious

Expelling the Filth

Having discovered the center of the goblin’s digging operations in the foothills, the heroes set out to deal a devastating blow to the diggers, starting at the top. Guided by grit-chewing Olithorpe Grimheim, they re-enter the ancient Gaerian tunnels through the spider cave. The spider rider marshal, Lubrid, attempted to halt this assault but was dispatched when trapped in a narrow hall of the tunnels. His possessions proved of immediate value, allowing the cunning Frederick to breach the fortifications of the goblin overseer, as well as indicating a number of individuals in Balesmeet as having been in cahoots with the impending goblin attack.

Catching the Overseer’s enforcement arm unprepared, the tactics of Connal Ironarm “of the Mountain” and the shamanic wisdom of Thorvok were able to easily dispatch his outer guard, interrupting the Overseer’s discussion with an orc liaison. Though hobgoblins emerged to protect their leader, and goblins flooded in and around the tiny Dwarven party, the explosive power of Volonzo’s arcane wit allowed bravery and determination to overcome overwhelming odds. With Alice the Executioner vaulting to his perch, he Overseer was felled, and the party escaped – grievously wounded, but without casualties!

Having crushed the Goblin overseer and narrowly escaped with their lives, the Heroes of Shatterspear Down make their way back to that last Dwarven holdout. Though great celebration would be called for, plans are already in motion to go to the aid of the human farming community of Balesmeet, which will soon fall under siege. Festivities must await a brighter day, but for the first time in decades, the Dwarves of Shatterspear can again see a path to that glory. Through victory or death, honor is again within reach. But amidst distrust and bad, old, blood, will history repeat itself, and turn honor into vengeance?



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