Dwarves of Vesuvious

Exploring the Dead Halls

With the guide of a goblin of clan Bigginmout, the heroes of Shatterspear Downs were led to a recently dug tunnel and caves near the summit of Vesuvious. Eventually dropping down into the ancient Dwarven halls, the party chose to first explore what was the noble quarter, and which also held most of the records of the former inhabitants. Soon they discovered, the inhabitants themselves still lingered on. Many Dwarves of ancient Vesuvious chose to remain with their wealth, their history, their honor… to the bitter end and beyond. The group systematically avoided and confronted incorporeal spirits, and their risen aberrations, eventually using a tiny shrine to Ivarager to gather use as a waypost. Upon showing their intentions and respect, the spirits have returned to their haunts, and the area should be safe for travel, and even rest.

Here the party was also successful in locating the hall of records. Great wealths of information were discovered, including maps, clan records, holdings, and estates, even mention of the god’s hammer, held by thanes alone, Vek’Huros.



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