Dwarves of Vesuvious

Claiming Vek'Huros

Locating the last thane’s hall, the adventurers were puzzled to find many of the orcs, supposed to have been guarding this area of the city, to have been slaughtered. Upon reaching the gate to the thane’s estate, an Imp presented itself, and its master, as the benefactor of the gruesome deed. An offer for future assistance was made, in exchange for having some say in the fate of the Hammer. An offer which was hastily declined, however warning was given that there was a great deal more going on, of which the heroes were seeing only a fraction. Information, too, had it’s price. The imp left peaceably, but not before providing its true name, in order to be called upon at any time in the future.

After locating the estate’s vault, the party set to locating the artifact of their people. The locks and wards were easily bypassed by the ritual magic of Harbeck. Inside, vast treasure remained! Or so it seemed until the doppelganger known only as Best sprung his trap. The adventurers quickly identified the trap system on the floor, and carefully navigated it, while avoiding the shapeshifting assassin. Once Best was defeated, his illusion fell, revealing the vault long ago looted. A single presence remained, wracking those who approached with overwhelming reverence. Through an act of pure will and fortitude, Kharnon pushed forward, proving his worthiness to bear Vek’Huros.



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