The ancient Dwarven capitol under Mount Vesuvious has been occupied by their foes for ages. When goblin activity in the foothills increases sharply, a small band of Dwarven heroes stepped forward to unite the good people of the region. Though Balesmeet was taken, the many survivors and united Dwarves, Humans, and newfound Goliath allies prepare to enact an age old legend and end this war once and for all.

A 4th Edition heroic campaign for Dwarven heroes, continuing from level 6-10.

Our Heroes:

Connal Ironarm, Of the Mountain, former bearer of Solidarity
Marsellus of clan Wallace
Vimak, Golaith of tribe Dakari
Kharnon, master Runepriest
Harbeck, sturdy ol’ wizard
Orsik, paladin of Ivarager
The Exhile, ranger of a forgotten clan in league with the Goliath

Olithorpe Grimheim

Dwarves of Vesuvious

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